Mtn Dew Outdoor Cash Out

Brown Bottling Group is thrilled to announce the launch of the Mtn Dew Outdoor Cash Out, a contest in which $25,000 will be given away to outdoors enthusiasts in central Mississippi to help reimburse the cost of their hunting and fishing licenses! Beginning Monday, November 16 at 9am, central Mississippians can log on to … Continue reading Mtn Dew Outdoor Cash Out

Game Day Tastes Better in the South!

Game Day Tastes Better in the South especially when you have an ice-cold Pepsi & the chance to win gear from your favorite team along with other great prizes! Visit your local convenience store & look for more details on the Pepsi door!

Bang Energy – Fuel Your Destiny

If you’re looking for something to fuel your next workout or hike, if you want sustained energy, as well as peak mental and physically performance, Bang is the energy drink for you! Every 16-ounce can of Bang contains 300 milligrams of caffeine, which has been shown to increase endurance. Even better, Bang is sugar-free and … Continue reading Bang Energy – Fuel Your Destiny

C4: Awaken Your Superhuman Performance

America’s #1 pre-workout and fastest-growing energy drink brand is spreading its signature blend of better-for-you performance energy across the globe. Key ingredients that support explosive energy, alertness and performance –  the C4 lineup is dominating the booming performance energy category across the country! We’re proud to distribute Frozen Bombsicle, Strawberry Watermelon Ice, and Orange Slice! … Continue reading C4: Awaken Your Superhuman Performance

Dr Pepper & Cream Soda

We’re so thrilled to announce the release of Dr Pepper’s newest permanent addition to their outstanding flavor line up: Dr Pepper & Cream Soda! Available in 20oz bottles, 12-pack cans and 16oz 6-pack bottles, Dr Pepper & Cream Soda is making its way into stores across central Mississippi now! Diet Dr Pepper & Cream Soda … Continue reading Dr Pepper & Cream Soda

Genuine Mississippi Made

Brown Bottling Group Products Are Genuine MS Made! Brown Bottling Group is pleased to be an official member of the Genuine MS initiative created by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce with the goal of making it easy for Mississippians to find products proudly created in our state! When purchasing a Pepsi, Mtn Dew, … Continue reading Genuine Mississippi Made

Mtn Dew Zero: Now Available!

Wildly familiar, yet completely unexpected. MTN DEW ZERO SUGAR gives you the bold taste and exhilarating charge of your favorite original MTN DEW but with none of the sugar. Look for MTN DEW ZERO SUGAR anywhere you currently shop for MTN DEW! To learn more about this newest product offering, visit MTN DEW online.

2019 Pepsi/JPS Holiday Tournament

Brown Bottling Group is pleased to once again sponsor the Pepsi/JPS Holiday Tournament this year! The tournament will take place on December 26, 27 & 28. A total of 17 boys’ & girls’ basketball teams are participating in the tournament with the first rounds taking place at both Cardozo Middle School and Northwest Jackson Middle … Continue reading 2019 Pepsi/JPS Holiday Tournament