We’re pumped about the launch of our newest product: BOLT24 from Gatorade. Gatorade knows athletes. We also know that athletes are athletes 24/7. Their drive doesn’t stop when they stop sweating. They are always pushing to be their best, and sometimes they need different things off the field. That’s why we created BOLT24 – an advanced, 24/7 hydration solution with antioxidants. BOLT24 helps address athletes needs off the field, and helps build a foundation to support their athletic lifestyle around the clock by providing advanced, all day hydration. BOLT24 comes in three flavors – Watermelon Strawberry, Mixed Berry, and Tropical Mango. BOLT24 has antioxidants, electrolytes from watermelon & sea salt, and contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors. Look for it at a store near you soon, or contact us to locate it in central Mississippi! To learn more about BOLT24, visit their website.